Tait Hoyem

Published on · 1 minute read
I went to school for software development, then quit my first full-time job within 6 months of getting it to work on open-source accessibility tools. I got involved with Odilia basically by accident. I didn’t use a screenreader on Linux because the existing options were slow on my PinebookPro and Raspberry Pi. But I really did need one. I can tell you, the amount of times I need to squint, or get really close to the screen is uncountably infinite. Read More

TheFake VIP

Published on · 1 minute read
I’m a visually impaired computer programmer, web developer, open source advocate, hardware enthusiast, video editor, and, above all, just a complete nerd. I got involved with this project because I’m a huge proponent of free, libre, open source software. Developing the software that runs our lives out in the open increases security, encourages innovation, prevents monopolistic practices and above all, makes technology accessible to everyone, which is the primary goal of the Odilia screen reader project. Read More