Author: Tait Hoyem

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I went to school for software development, then quit my first full-time job within 6 months of getting it to work on open-source accessibility tools.

I got involved with Odilia basically by accident. I didn’t use a screenreader on Linux because the existing options were slow on my PinebookPro and Raspberry Pi. But I really did need one. I can tell you, the amount of times I need to squint, or get really close to the screen is uncountably infinite. And yet, there I sat, refusing to accept the fact that I needed a screenreader, because I didn’t like the options available to me.

So when I heard about a possible new screenreader for Linux, written in Rust (a language I always wanted an excuse to learn about), I joined the Discord just to observe and comment. Within a month I started writing code, and within two months I decided that this (and some other projects I’m working on) are more important than work and quit to pursue more important things: working for myself and working on open-source accessibility tools; whenever I have an opportunity to have those two overlap is extra-special!

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