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I’m a visually impaired computer programmer, web developer, open source advocate, hardware enthusiast, video editor, and, above all, just a complete nerd.

I got involved with this project because I’m a huge proponent of free, libre, open source software. Developing the software that runs our lives out in the open increases security, encourages innovation, prevents monopolistic practices and above all, makes technology accessible to everyone, which is the primary goal of the Odilia screen reader project.

One More Thing - Final Prototype Released

Published on by TheFake VIP· 3 minutes read
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As we announced recently, we decided that we’d learned enough from the Odilia prototype to actually implement the real thing. The prototype code, while functional, prioritised experimentation over quality, and thus we’ll be throwing almost all of it out completely, but the code is far less important than the experience we gained from writing it.

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