Join the Odilia Community!

The Odilia dev team regularly hangs out in our Matrix space: Whether you have plans to contribute, want to follow along with development, or just want some fellow nerds to chat to, come join us! We also bridge this space to discord, and you can get in touch with the developers directly if you wish.


This is a very young project, we appreciate any and all contributions! However, please be aware there is a very llarge learning curve to helping with this project, particularly due to the lack of documentation, or complete documentation, of many of the libraries and technologies that comprise the Linux accessibility stack. For this reason, we are currently focused on learning as much as we can, and writing code to take advantage of it, and we don’t have lots of time to mentor new contributors or review pull requests.

Once the ground-work has been layed, accepting contributions should get much easier. We are greatful for your cooperation in this regard!

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