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One More Thing - Final Prototype Released

Published on by TheFake VIP· 3 minutes read
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As we announced recently, we decided that we’d learned enough from the Odilia prototype to actually implement the real thing. The prototype code, while functional, prioritised experimentation over quality, and thus we’ll be throwing almost all of it out completely, but the code is far less important than the experience we gained from writing it.

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The First Prototype Has been Released!

Published on by BGT Lover· 3 minutes read
We know it has been a long time, however we are delighted to inform you that the first Odilia prototype is up on GitHub, with a very early alpha stage build for anyone curious enough to try it out. If you want to try it out, the link is here: https://github.com/yggdrasil-sr/yggdrasil-prototype/releases/ the screen reader can’t do much at the moment, however this is what it can do so far like any normal screen reader, it can read most components exposed by the Linux accessibility interface, such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. Read More